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Sue D. Luker, BS, MS

Sue Luker has a passion to help people of all ages and strengths achieve their intellectual dreams.  She recognizes that each person is unique; has unique strengths and weaknesses, unique circumstances, unique challenges, and unique potential.  Her goal in working with each client is to discover where they are developmentally and intellectually, and through personalized instruction and training help them grow to achieve their dreams.

Having worked in the public school system for 35 years Ms. Luker has a firm understanding of the challenges facing students today.  As a classroom teacher for students in Kindergarten through Third Grade, and as a Special Education, Title 1 reading instructor, and Home Instruction teacher for grades K-12, she has had extensive experience working with a wide range of students with different intellectual, developmental, and behavior needs.  It is her heart beat to help people realize their potential, no matter what their challenges are.

Ms. Luker is an Oregon native, having grown up in Portland she moved to Eugene almost 40 years ago and has embraced it as her home. She has two grown children, a son, Joe, and a daughter, Sarah. In her free time she enjoys going on long walks, playing Wii Fit, singing in the NCU Community Choir, and being active in her church.

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Sue Luker

SOI: Intermediate Certification

SOI: IPP Specialist
(Sensory-motor, focusing integration)

Irlen Screener:
Screen for vision distortions produced by how the brain processes light.

Irlen Pass Trainer:
Provide specialized training to administer pre-assessment for Irlen Syndrome.

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