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What is the greatest educational gift you can give your child?
Send them to school fully equipped, prepared to learn!
Their backpacks may be full, but are they ready for the teacher's instruction?

There are at least 27 key learning abilities that are essential to having a successful learning career.  At NoteWorthy Learning we don't ask how many words you can read, or how fast you can read them.  We look to see which learning and perceptual abilities each individual has, both those they have and have not developed.  We not only discover the "why" of your struggle, but develop a personalized program to train the abilities you will need to get the most from instruction.

NoteWorthy Learning recognizes that every person has their own unique learning profile that is always changing.  How successful you are in learning and work situations is dependent on the state of your learning abilities today.  The good news is that these abilities can be learned at any stage in life.

At NoteWorthy Learning we identify, remediate, and enhance the 27 learning abilities most needed for school, career or any season of your life.

The system begins with a simple, no preparation needed, test which measures your current learning abilities. Based on your test results a learning profile is assembled showing exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are.  Some profiles may suggest further screenings for potential vision, focusing, and mind/body integration needs.

When "Body-Mind Integration" therapy is needed, we are able to provide it in our fully equipped "SOI" IPP Center.  IPP (Integrated Practice Protocol)... is an expert system that trains the body and mind to work together in unison, by training coordination, balance, and visual targeting.  Ultimately the program enables you to be in charge of your body and mind.  A world of learning and hope opens up before those who realize they are in control of changing themselves.

Once your intellectual and sensory abilities are evaluated a personalized SOI/IPP training program is developed to specifically develop, maintain, and enrich the learning abilities you will need to be the remarkable you.

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Educational Transitions

Make sure your child is equipped with the learning abilities needed for each phase of their educational journey.  There are pivotal times when the curriculum becomes more and more sophisticated and requires learning and perceptual abilities that were not used in previous years.  Students who may have been successful with last year's grade-level content may become discouraged when they face academic struggle.  When behavior and attitude changes appear, it is important to consider which learning abilities need to be strengthened.

The present is always the best time for your children to get prepared for the next phase in their education.  Prevent unnecessary frustration.  Set them up to go into the next phase with the tools they need to succeed.

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Home School

Home school parents have the unique opportunity to take an active approach in their child's education; they can choose the optimum curriculum and through meticulous personal instruction nurture their children's minds as they develop and learn.  NoteWorthy Learning enables parents to maximize on this opportunity by pinpointing and targeting each student's specific learning abilities, preparing them for whatever curriculum they may encounter.  Our program partners with parents to develop a personalized learning plan which will develop, maintain, and enrich each child's learning abilities.  In the process each student will develop their ability to learn using all the avenues to the brain, opening up broader curriculum and strategy options for the home-school educator to choose from.

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The Gifted, Near Gifted

Using the Structure of Intellect program Note Worthy Learning not only identifies gifted learning abilities but enable learners to bring their "near-gifted" abilities into the gifted range.  It is not unusual for an individual to be gifted in many areas while being undeveloped in others.  It is here that NoteWorthy is able to prevent the "gifted underachiever" syndrome.  We firmly believe that intelligence can be taught, must be maintained and deserves to be enriched.

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College Entry

NoteWorthy Learning will make the process of preparing for college very clear.  You will know what you need to do to be ready for college.  You won't be limited to the colleges and majors that reflect your current strengths and weaknesses.  We will train the abilities you need and want, to "Be the Remarkable You!"

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