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Do you have problems with any of the following?

  • Attention and concentration?
  • Remembering Names?
  • Listening?
  • Math?
  • Remembering Details?
  • Remembering Details?
  • Computer Use?
  • Music?
  • Understanding Conversation?
  • Depth Perception?
  • Coordination?

    Schedule an appointment today to discover why you are having a problem and how you can improve.
    Just as we keep our bodies physically fit, we need to give our brains personalized workouts too.

    We use the SOI® Structure of Intellect System to identify exactly which learning abilities
    you need . . . developed . . . maintained . . . and enhanced,
    to enjoy quality of life and achieve your goals.


    The assessment is also designed to indicate when there is a likelihood you might have perceptual abilities that haven't been fully developed.  If your learning profile suggests perceptual deficits are hindering your learning, we will include "IPP" "Integrated Practice Protocol" in your training program.  Protocol indicates it is an expert system developed in consultation with educational and perceptual experts.  SOI Systems  The goal of IPP training is to get your five senses working together efficiently.  You will experience less stress during learning and everyday activities.  Initially we spend more time on the body vs. complex mental exercises.  We want your mind in charge of directing your body.  If your body takes too much attention, it takes attention away from learning.

    In addition to utilizing the SOI System to train learning and perceptual abilities, we also use the Irlen Method® to reduce visual stress which may propel and boost the effectiveness of your overall training program.  Helen Irlen, in "Reading by the Colors®" has discovered that some people can experience less stress in academics and everyday life by using colored overlays or filtered glasses.  For those it helps, she celebrates it as; "A Piece of the Puzzle".  At NoteWorthy Learning we use the Irlen Method® to help our clients recognize what they experience at those times when reading and other activities become stressful for them.

    To get the most valuable information from the Irlen screening, see your eye doctor first to make sure your lens prescription is up to date and to rule out other optometric needs.

    Next we will help you determine if specific colored overlays eliminate or reduce the symptoms you experience.
    The screening process will clarify for you whether the colored overlays help you.  If so, you will have the option to use the colored overlays or contact an Irlen Certified Diagnostician to determine which combination of Spectral Filters will eliminate your symptoms when you wear glasses or contacts.

    Many people have experienced a dramatic improvement using Irlen colored overlays and spectral filters for glasses; it has led them to believe they've discovered a quick fix.  We have learned from personal experience that that we don't want to stop there.  The filters are invaluable as a support as we address the learning and perceptual abilities that are limiting our options in life because they have not been fully developed.

    Call today to schedule a free half hour consultation.

    Beyond working with NoteWorthy Learning

    There are many other contributing factors to your success in school, the workplace and ultimately the field of life such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleeping Habits
  • Chronic Disease
  • Injuries
  • Emotional Health
  • Addictions
  • Spiritual Needs
  • Relationships
  • Allergies
  • Physical Exercise

  • It's often in the context of these "pieces" being out of alignment that learning and sensory abilities are not developed.  As you pursue improving your intellectual abilities with us, we encourage you to seek assistance in these areas as well to reach your fullest potential.

    Call today to schedule a free half hour consultation.

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